NEW! – Blue Grass Mecca Volume II, 1880-1980, The History of Maitland

The history of Maitland in a 112 page , 8 1/2″ X 11″, hard cover book filled with biographies, histories, and photographs. .A sequel to the original Blue Grass Mecca. $20 plus $8 shipping

NEW! – Celebrating 175 Years of Holt County Cooking……1841-2017

Put Holt County history on your dinner table! A 312 page spiral bound cookbook filled with recipes from Holt County cooks along with photos and historical facts. Published by the Holt County Missouri Historical Society to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Holt County. $22 plus $6 shipping

NEW! – Mound City Bits and Pieces

An 8 1/2″ X 11″ spiral bound, 194 page book of indexed abstracted articles from area news papers that tell the history of Mound City Missouri 1857-2007. Published by the Holt County Missouri Historical Society in 2010. $20 plus $6 shipping

Gone Home Volume I

by Eileen Derr

A limited number was reprinted in the summer of 2007. The reprint is the same quality and size as the first edition. Contains over 40,000 names of Holt County deceased with references to thousands of descendants, over 6,000 surnames and 2000 photographs. 556 pages, Hardbound, 11″ by 14″. $150 plus $16 for shipping

Gone Home Volume II

by Eileen Derr

A directory of the deceased from 1982-1999, along with corrections to Gone Home I. Same size and quality as first volume. Also contains family sketches, histories of communities, businesses, events, and towns of Holt County, and many photographs. 523 pages, Hardbound, 11″ by 14″. $80 plus $16 for shipping

1870 Federal Census of Holt County Missouri

Over 200 pages featuring all persons enumerated in Holt County Missouri in 1870. Includes full name, age, occupation and place of birth for all members of the household. 8 1/2″ by 11; Soft Bound. $20 plus $6 shipping

1877, 1898, 1918, 1952 Combined Atlases of Holt County Missouri

Shows ownership of land in Holt County Missouri. Four Atlases in one attractive 11″ by 14″ hardbound book. Includes maps, biographical sketches of Holt County citizens, photographs, patron reference directories, and township histories. $100 plus $16 shipping

Holt County Pictorial History Index

An index only to A Pictorial History of Holt County, published by the Mound City News. $5 plus $2 shipping

All Society publications are available at:
Publications are available at all Society programs and activities or by contacting in Craig Pam Kent 660-572-0037; in Maitland Cindy Kenny 660-254-3419; in Mound City Norma McCurry 660-442-3988 and Jill Asher 660-442-3610; in Oregon Scroggins Hardware; and at the Genealogy and Research Center, 612 State St., Mound City MO on Mondays and Wednesdays 9 am to 3 pm (660-442-5949).

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Other Holt County Publications Available

These publications are not available through the society, please use the contact information provided to purchase these.


By Carolyn Kent

Each one is indexed and a record of the times, events, and life depicted in early newspapers from the area.
VOL 1 Happenings from Corning, Rush Bottom, Big Lake, Craig, Mound City, and Oregon as well as other Holt County communities with important county and national events from 1857-1881; 491 pages.
Vol 2 A continuation of Vol I covering events from the same area 1882-1891; 504 pages.
Vol 3 A continuation of Vol II covering events from the same area 1892-1898; 493 pages.
Vol 4 A continuation of Vol III covering events from the same area 1899-1904; 443 pages.
Vol 5 A continuation of Vol IV covering events from the same area along with other supported items of interest 1905-1909.
$60 each. Copies may be ordered by calling 660-5692 or email

I Remember

By Genevieve Thompson (1905-2005)

Published by Lillian Wright A complete collection of Genevieve’s articles that appeared semi-monthly in the Mound City News, from 1999-2004. 204 pages, with table of contents, spiral bound 8 1/2″ by 11″, $25 plus $5 postage.
Copies may be ordered by calling 660-683-5962 or e-mail