Towns and Villages

Holt County Missouri Towns and Villages from 1839… many forgotten!

Bigelow: Plat filed August ll, 1868

Bluff City: Small community near Curzon, south of Forest City; not platted

Boswell: Across the river from Rulo, NE, was a railroad terminal in 1883. Major Missouri River ferry  crossing, after Rulo Bridge built became extinct.

Corning: Plat filed March 24, 1879; town laid out in 1868.

Craig: Plat filed January 14, 1869

Curzon: Located between Forest City and Forbes; town not filed. Often referred to as “Curzon Switch” because of its function along the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy railroad line

Dallas: Forbes Township; started 1843, filed April 15, 1856. Located on the Missouri River at the mouth of the Nodaway River

Dehornville: Mentioned in the Mound City News, October 23, 1891, “new town, 2 miles north of Maitland,………lots are for sale”

Finley: Platted June 184l, later October 1841, became the town of Oregon

Forbes: Platted April 3, 1869

Forest City: First filed May 16, 1857; later additions filed until 1868. The town was incorporated in 1861

Fortescue:  Plat filed August 8, 1890

Grant: Filed 1861; later became New Point

Helwig: January 7, 1896; Post office in Richville community

Hemme’s Landing: 1844, on the east bank of the Missouri River, 2 miles west of the site of Corning; a major trading point between St. Joseph MO  and Council Bluffs IA

Jackson Point: Founded in 1840; later absorbed in the town of Mound City

Jeffery’s Landing-Iowa Point MO-Banks Landing: A stone building still marks this historic site located south of Oregon along the early day trail leading to the Missouri River crossing

Lewiston: July 14, 1854, was located on the Missouri River a few miles north of West Union

Lewisville: March 1860 in Lincoln Township; town was laid out but nothing came of the project

Maitland: May 12, 1880 plat filed

Marietta:  March 15, 1854, River landing in Lincoln Township near Lewisville

Mound City: Original town filed May 23, 1857; additions platted later. Town incorporated 1873

Napier:  March 20, 1889

New Point: Town began in 1869. Called Grant earlier, the name of the town and post office was changed to New Point

North Point: Plat filed October 31, 1856. Then changed to Mound City in 1857

Oregon: Plat filed October 21, 1841; the oldest town in Holt County now in existence

Petersburg:  1867, later became Bigelow

Richville: December 18, 1855; located at the site of the Nodaway River crossing into Holt County

Rush Bottom:  Southwest of Craig, some miles below Marietta; a post office and river landing

Tarkio:  Located 1 and ¾ miles northwest of the present site of Craig; also known as Big Spring, was at the foot of the bluff. Had post office and general store

Thorpe’s Mill: Near the site of Oregon, established 1839, was first Holt County Post Office site before the beginning of the County

West Union: January 15, 1854, laid out between Dallas and the mouth of the Nodaway River

Whig Valley: Began in 1846 ; later known as White’s Ford from a crossing on the Nodaway River. Platted January l, 1877; absorbed into Maitland by 1880


*Information gathered for a Holt County Historical Society Program, November 1997, from newspaper clippings, history books, and memories of local historians by Elizabeth Burnsides