Elm Grove School

The Elm Grove District was organized in 1807. The first board of directors were: President, Sam Randolph; clerk, Thomas Mackey, Sr.; member Hiram Whaley; first teacher T. S. Ward. The teacher’s salary was $45 for two terms of teaching, the first of which was seven months.  The first school house was a log house with seats made from logs split in two. Desks were along the side of the wall., the furnace was a box one, and the blackboard was a painted board.

For the month ending May 18, 1883 there were 93 pupils enrolled. Names of pupils whose deportment was 80 or over: Louisa Lease, Lizzie Hines, Lucy Stout, Lizzie Lease, Anna Stamhaur, Noa Couch, Maud Stuart, Effie Butcher, Irena Whaley, Charley Book, C. Lease, Wm. Williams, Eddie Nash, Bertie Stuart, Robt Mullens, John Rains, Mary Wilson, John Haigler, G. Broughton, Eddie Hinkle, Mary Finical, Wm. Stone, Mike Penny, Minnie Strond, Wm. McDonel, Ella Lease, Harry Haigler, Sarah Sutart, Hettie Hines, Mollie Stout, Maggie Kie, Sallie Almond, Nora Lease, Lulu Drace, Lulu Nash, Thos. Stuart, Robert Stout, Noah Stainhaur, Johnnie Stout, Willie Stuart, Chas. Oldham, George Rains, Sarah Mullens, A. Broughton, Christie Book, W. Broughton, Effie Hinkle, Abner Mullens, Minnie Hinkle, John Pain, Lewis Kee, Mil’rd McDonel, James Book. Teacher was Etta Curtis.

Elm Grove School 1907

Teacher, children and families last day of school Elm Grove southwest of Bigelow 1888