Blair School

Samuel Riley taught in the Blair district three miles south of Mound City in the year 1854.  Also a Mr. Clairborne of Craig.

Lester Thompson, Matthew (Colonel) Saville, Mabel Hicks Therhune, Minnie Moody, Nora Weller, Nellis Weller, Cora Noellsch, Gertrude Eddy, Minnie VanVickle Menning (1914), Sue Humpfrey (1930s), Jr. Lundy 1938-39; 1939-40, Dane Feagen (about 1915), Bryant Moody, Lela Kinney, Goldie Shull (1940-41), Mammie Johnson, Nelle Cason (1949-50)

Blair School - Holt County, MO