Commemorate The Missouri Bicentennial

The Holt County Missouri Historical Society held its annual meeting Sunday November 4 at the Methodist Church Museum in Fortescue MO. Guest speaker was Michael Sweeney, coordinator for the Missouri State Historical Society’s Bicentennial Celebration. A county-wide committee is being formed to make plans to commemorate the Missouri State Bicentennial in 2021. He shared the programs that are being implemented to recognize this event, which will culminate on August 10, 2021. He has met with, or is planning to meet with, organizations from every county in the State of Missouri.
Missouri was welcomed into the union as the 24th state on August 10, 1821. Missouri is a state with diverse cultures, geographies, and history. From the Lewis & Clark era, through the Pony Express and Civil War, two World Wars and more; caves, plains, and rolling hills; and rural, urban, lakes and boot heel regions, Missouri celebrates these diversities in various methods throughout the state.

The Missouri Bicentennial Committee will attempt to tie these cultures and diversities together to help create a better understanding of us as one Missouri through a variety of programs and educational events, during the next three years, culminating with the Missouri Bicentennial event in 2021.

The Holt County Missouri Bicentennial committee is currently seeking members from each community in Holt County to help plan and implement these programs and activities. Volunteers to date include Jill Asher, Nancy Nauman, Kathy Daly, Cindy Kenny, Nancy Peters, Greg Book, Peggy Ann Edwards, LeAlison Markt, and Helen “Becky” Smith, chair. This committee will hold its first meeting Sunday, January 13, 2019, at 2 pm at the Forest City Drug Store. Anyone with an interest in serving on the committee is welcome to attend. You may call 660-254-2220 or e-mail beckysmith1951@gmail.com for information. For more information about the upcoming Bicentennial, visit their web page, https://missouri2021.org/.

Calling All Quilters!

Contest for Bicentennial Quilt Block

At the recent annual meeting for the Holt County Missouri Historical Society, keynote speaker Michael Sweeney of the Historical Society of Missouri told the attendants of activities that the State Society are undertaking to help commemorate the State Bicentennial. One of those activities is a Bicentennial quilt, which will be made up of one block from each county in Missouri, plus one from the City of St Louis, for a total of 116 blocks. Since the pioneer days of the American Midwest, quilts have been a cornerstone of Missouri culture, fashion, and tradition. The Missouri Star Quilt Company will put the blocks together to form a quilt, which will then hang in the State Capitol.

To select a block to represent Holt County in the State Bicentennial Quilt, the Holt County Missouri Bicentennial Committee is also planning a quilt! Holt County has a number of experienced quilters who have designed multitudes of beautiful quilts, and the Committee is hoping to tap into those talents to provide a quilt block for the state quilt. A contest has been proposed to select the quilt block to represent Holt County in the state Bicentennial quilt.

To be eligible for the contest:
The quilter must be a current or former resident of Holt County
The block must be 6.5” X 6.5” square, as the quilt blocks will be finished at 6” x 6”
Entries should have no embellishments, contain no copyrighted images, and be made of 100% cotton fabric
The block may represent current or historical features of Holt County
A description of the significance of the feature to Holt County must accompany each submission, as well as contact information for the person(s) submitting the block.

The blocks will be displayed during the Mound City Fourth of July celebration, and residents of Holt County will be given the opportunity to vote on the block they wish to send to the State Committee to represent Holt County. The remaining blocks will be sewn into a quilt by Sue Stiens, Maitland, which will then be displayed at the Holt County Courthouse throughout the remaining Bicentennial activities. Each person who submits a block will be recognized.

Block submissions will be accepted from organizations – e.g. local quilting guilds – and individuals now through Monday, July 1, 2019. The blocks will be on display in the Mound City Nutrition Site before, during and after the Fourth of July parade, and any Holt County resident who attends the Fourth of July festivities may view the blocks and place their vote. The block which receives the largest number of votes will be submitted to the State Historical Society for inclusion in the state quilt.

Blocks may be mailed to the Society at PO Box 55, Mound City, MO 64470, or dropped off at the Genealogy/Research Center in Mound City on open days.

2018 Membership Renewal!

Are you ready for a membership to the Holt County Missouri Historical Society? Or are you ready to renew your existing membership? Click Here for the form!

Volunteers Always Needed

Got some spare time? The Holt County Historical Society always has “something to do”! Like to assist planning programs and fundraisers? Or host at special events and activities? The Genealogy and Research Center, in Mound City can always use an extra hand answering queries, clipping, filing, or sorting! Call 660-442-5949 or e-mail hchs1972@gmail.com!

Want To Help Replace A Window In The School House?

Things are getting ready to happen at the Society’s 1907 Fortescue School! There are sixteen windows and all need to be replaced in the historic building. A gift from the Harry and Helena Messick Charitable Trust, U.S. Bank, N.A., Trustee, for $2500 has been designated to assist with the window replacement. Allan “Bub” Nauman of Nauman Construction of Craig will begin replacing those needing immediate attention this summer.

Through the years many recall looking out those windows to watch the various happenings on the school grounds! Opportunities are being offered to donate to the completion of the project! The estimated cost of each window with the frame repair is about $350.00. The Society is a 501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Status organization. For information call 660-442-5949, e-mail hchs1972@gmail.com, or write the Society, P.O. Box 55, Mound City MO 64470.

Memorial Funds received in memory of the late Ruth Hollenbeck, a longtime Holt County school teacher, have been designated to repair and paint the lower classroom of the school in her honor. Summer plans are to complete the project.

The repair and renovation of the “bus shed” located on the school grounds with the annual gift of $1000 from the Stone Family Trust continues by board members Rick Lentz and Bob Stone. When completed it will be used for secure storage of larger historical items and artifacts.

Students line up for a photo on the opening day of the new Fortescue School in October 1907!

***Be sure to Check out the “What Do You Remember” column in the Mound City News each week! Thanks to Publisher Adam Johnson for providing the space for the Holt County Historical Society to recall Holt County memories along with finding answers to queries and to identify historical photographs!